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Chronic Cough Remedy

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From time to time I get a bad cough that doesn’t go away for months. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am a teacher, so my voice doesn’t get enough time to rest.

Here is a great Chronic Cough Remedy that one of my friends shared with me that helps me get through the worst of it every time.

It is a South African Recipe, and I am not sure if Lennon’s is available in other countries.

Chronic Cough Remedy

Mix Together:

2 x Bottles of Lennon’s Bors Druppels (Chest Drops in English)chronic cough remedy

1 x Bottle Lennon’s Wit Lensies

250 ml Honey

3 Tablespoons of lemon juice

Mix the above together and take a tablespoon every 4 hours. For children under 12, 1 teaspoon should be taken every 4 hours.

Please comment below if you find that this Chronic Cough Remedy helps you.

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